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Easter Coconut Cake

Easter, like most holidays in my family include lots of good food and family in one place. After we’d all dressed up in our Easter Sunday best (flower dresses for all the ladies; I’m disappointed people aren’t wearing easter hats like they used, too) for the Sunday service, we headed to my Grandmother and Grandaddy’s house for lunch. My contribution was this coconut cake that had been tempting me for over two weeks. And when I realized Easter was right around the corner I had an excuse to bake a layer cake! (more…)


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For my 25th Birthday I wanted to make a cake that I had been eying for months and had not had a grand enough occasion to make yet. Its about as decadent as a cake can be and satisfied me in every way a cake can. I made sure my birthday was full of my favorite things: my beloved pulled pork Barbecue sandwichs from the farm where my darlin’ works, peanut butter and chocolate melded together in a cake, plenty of lovely friends, and hiking in Fairview.

The wind was too strong for our matches so we broke out the propane torch to get those candles lit. I am lucky enough to share my birthday with a dear friend Grace so we blew out the candles together. The night before we had gracefully shared the victory for the sometimes vicious Women’s Musical Chairs competition at The Lord’s Acre Square Dance Fundraiser.  But, it all happened so fast I think I forgot to make a wish. There was more than enough cake to go around, but with seconds being had there was not much left to enjoy the next day. For the recipe click here – (more…)

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