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My boyfriend’s brother Jake was lucky enough to get to travel with his girlfriend’s family on a sailing trip to Belize for spring break. He was gracious enough to share his pictures and this beautiful sounding recipe for conch chip dip!
Here is a dish that I found out about during my travels to Honduras and most recently Belize. It is a chip dip that is popular among the garifuna communities (one of the few indigenous people of these two countries) and in this particular one I was able to use conch. The recipe is pretty flexible with what vegetables you use but the most important thing is lime. Here is what was in the one shown: (1-2 limes, half a tomato, one onion, one to two sticks of celery – very good, a bit of salt, and a conch) You want to make sure everything gets soft and the lime gets into the vegetables. As far as the conch goes: you have to find the third ring on the shell, punch a hole in it and cut the two muscles that attach it to the inside of the shell. Then just pull her out and cut everything that doesn’t look like meat away.¬†ENJOY!

This is a picture of the sailboat that we were on ¬†while traveling through Belize (She’s at anchor). What a fantastic trip!


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