My original intention for this blog is to include all things domestic, from food to sewing to chickens (Yes, chickens). Now, it has been pretty food heavy so far, and I’m pleased to present my inaugural¬†sewing entry! Ta-da! Aprons!

Yes I realize the irony here. I still haven’t gotten away from the food aspect of things¬†completely. But if you really think about it the original purpose of an apron was to protect a woman’s dress from everyday dirt while cleaning, gardening, taking care of kids, collecting eggs, milking the cow, and yes of course cooking since most women only owned a few dresses. They had to take care of their handmade ¬†investments and keep their garments from being scorched by the fire. Continue Reading »


Apple sauce ought to be one of the easiest things to make. I mean really, all it takes is cooking some apples on the stove and stirring occasionally. You don’t even have to add anything if you don’t want too. Easy peasy from all accounts. I had been dying to make more apple sauce because I had recently had wonderful success – it was sweet, but not too sweet and cinnamony but not too cinnamony. I even avoided eating my apples so they would wrinkle and I’d have a reason to make more. So, I started this recipe with every ounce of confidence that it would turn out as lovely as last time. Continue Reading »

Wiles of Winter

Well here in North Carolina winter came swiftly and fiercly. We haven’t seen wintry weather like this since I was a young’un! Continue Reading »

My darlin’ isn’t a fan of cake. Which I find hard to believe, but he’s not. Whether it be coconut cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, fun-fetti cake, if it has frosting on it he’s just not that into it. I on the other hand have quite a taste for cakes and their frosting. My affinity for such sweet confections, I believe, comes from childhood nostalgia for birthday cakes. Even if they come from the grocery store, the frosting stains your mouth blue, and I know its made with nothing but corn products, if its around I still want to have at least a bite for old times sake. But despite our differences in desirable cakes there is one type of cake we can agree on – Cheesecake!! And if its made with pumpkin, gingersnaps, and marshmallows even better. So, when our two year anniversary rolled around and I wanted to give something to to my boyfriend who doesn’t want more things, but loves good food, I figured a cheesecake would be the perfect gift. Plus, it was just a good excuse to make a cake. I’m always on the look out for an excuse to bake, I feel guilty baking a whole cake or dessert just for lil’ole me. Continue Reading »

So I’ve become a little smitten with this blog I ran across called Simply Breakfast: the art of breakfast. Miss Causey doesn’t mess around in the morning, serving up pretty pictures of her breakfasts, coffee always included. So I wanted to include a breakfast of my own that looked awfully pretty and tasted even prettier.

A delicious bowl of vanilla yogurt swirled with homemade pumpkin butter, with crunchy granola on top. My coffee was nearby, too.

Deviled Eggs

Vilas 080I’m such a southern girl when it comes to my favorite foods.

My heart skips a beat when I see pork barbecue piled on a plain white bun, covered with red slaw, and doused with vinegar based sauce!

Or a pumpkin pie simple, no frills and its slightly chunky so you know it was made with real pumpkin and not the baby-food stuff from the can!

What about hot biscuits and apple butter!

Or, or a jar of pickled okra just opened! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

And then there are deviled eggs, my oh my! Continue Reading »


So I had this chicken, an awfully pretty chicken at that!

But, that’s a lot of chicken for one young woman. Continue Reading »