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Cider Makin’

P1010323Its Fall, for real now. The mountain sides are dappled, you can smell fires in the air, and I’ve had to pull out my warm cloths from the back of closet. One thing I’ve learned since living in the mountains of NC is that you know its fall when everyone starts bringing apple desserts to the potlucks – apple cakes, apple pies, apple turnovers, apple crumbles, apple crisps, baked apples with ice cream, apples with yogurt and granola….you get the idea.

I mean really I don’t understand  how I could ever catch a cold eating so many apples all the time. (more…)


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DSC03611I love making homemade jams with local ingredients! The first jams I canned last summer were made with Blackberries from Tuckaseegee where my darlin’ was the warden. Then, in the fall I canned a few jars with figs from a tree where the fruit was just rotting in the branches along my bike ride to work. (more…)

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