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Wiles of Winter

Well here in North Carolina winter came swiftly and fiercly. We haven’t seen wintry weather like this since I was a young’un! (more…)


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Sides Beach Trip 099

I’m not much of a fisher woman. However, I definitely see the value in catching your own food from the water, and I love love love to eat the harvest. I just don’t seem to have the patience for fishing though.

I’m more of a gatherer than a hunter I’d have to say. But every once in awhile I try my hand at fishing (with some persuading from my darlin!) and this most recent visit to the beach  was the most fruitful attempt yet! (more…)

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no longer in denial

Tim's Tomatoes

It took me awhile to actually admit that it was finally summer. I guess I was sticking to the idea that its not really summer til the equinox has passed. Plus I haven’t ever witnessed the change from spring to summer in the mountains of North Carolina before. The past five years more or less I’ve been far east of here where summer heats like a rock and then sits on you not budging for another 3 months. So for me summer creeped in slowly despite the powerful, prolific, drenching rain storms of spring. I’ve seen it creeping in little ways with sitings of the first fire flies, to the first summer squash and blueberries. But now there is no denying that summer has arrived marked for me by:

– oppressive heat for days on end

– tan lines and the smell of sunscreen

– the undeniable urge to jump into any body of water close by

– sunflowers galore

– dirty feet

– mosquito bitten legs and feet

– vacations ending sooner than they ought too

– sweet blueberries and juicy peaches

– rich ripe tomatoes!Black Raspberries

Since summer does come later to the mountains I had to go to Cedar Grove, NC for my first summer tomatoes that I ate atop toast smeared with rosemary pesto (leftover from my galette!) and homemade goat cheese. And then to Poplar Grove, NC for peaches that I ate on the spot. A ripe peach is perfection all on its own, even as it dribbles down your chin and arms! But then just last evening my darlin’ and I came across a patch of ripened Black Raspberries, the first I’ve ever had! They were big and plump from all the rain showers we had in late spring, and oh so tasty!

I’d love to hear how you know when summer is finally here! You can simply reply with a comment at the bottom of the page.

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View from Grassy Ridge

I know this is a little off topic from the whole domestic theme, but I felt like showing off my pretty pictures anyway.

I’m lucky enough to have a job that pays me to go hiking in beautiful places! That’s one of the major perks of being an environmentalist and working for a land conservancy because we have all sorts of private and public land at our fingertips. This weekend for the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Annual meeting we took a trip to Crossnore, NC.  Saturday was full of hiking trips, I chose the strenuous one from Hampton Creek Cove to Carver’s Gap – 9 miles  more or less up all the way. We hiked from Hampton Creek to Yellow Mountain Gap on the Appalachian Trail (AT) to Grassy Ridge, across Jane’s and Round Bald and finished up at Carver’s Gap. When I’ve hiked the AT before its always kind of funny realizing you’re in two states at the same time. Its always a relief when I get back to my beloved North Carolina! (more…)

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