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One of our two apple trees is dropping these sour lil baby apples all over our walkway. Its startles the cats and me on occasion when they drop on the tin roof! Summer is here marked by sudden thunderstorms and sweat. The Farmer’s Market is in full swing, and darkness doesn’t fall until well after nine. I love the longer days. More time to be productive (when I’m adequately motivated, that is!)

This summer is flying by with remarkable speed. I’ve been on the road a good bit interviewing various farmer’s across Western North Carolina for a research project I am doing with WNC Ag Options. I can’t complain. I basically get to hang out with all sorts of farmers, ask them about how they’re making it work and see lots of beautiful mountain scenes as I drive from place to place. Plus I’ve come home with a bucket of carrots, a pepper, and a hops nugget in my pocket.

Unfortunately, this busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for cooking, canning, and other domestic things. I’m doing my best to keep up with the garden as it tries to make it through this hot and dry weather. We’ve had several visits from different animal neighbors and lost our cabbages, kale, beets, carrots, sunflowers, and lettuces, and even two squash plants to their voracious appetites. Despite the setbacks we’ve still been able to harvest some lovely things like peas, beans, garlic, and an eggplant here and there. The cucumbers just started coming in and we’ve had two ripe tomatoes off of our 15 plants. And although I’ve been told profusely that  okra just won’t grow in this part of the mountains the okra is trucking right along in the sun and heat! Pickled okra party anyone? (more…)


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Garden Update


Remember my garden? The one I was jumping out of my pants to get started?

Well, turns out God decided to teach me about the uncertainty of gardening this winter.

My garden turned into somewhat of a tragedy. (more…)

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Birth of a garden

Vilas 007I recently move from one semi-rural small town to another to start graduate school. There’s just something about passing by open fields, quaint farmhouses, and waving neighbors on my way home that puts my mind at ease.

My new home came ready for all things domestic from a garden space that was once a horse manure pit covered with cardboard waiting to be planted, a space for chickens, a honey bee hive, and a big freezer. I took an inventory off all the fruit bearing plants growing wild: two apple trees, two black raspberry bushes, several blackberry vines, and a blueberry bush. All within the yard! Its like a dream come true actually. (more…)

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