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Well its official I just became a farmer – sorta. Maybe a homesteader would be more appropriate.

This afternoon I brought home four new additions to our household, and they really know how to give back! After a few (sporadic) months of preparation we introduced four lovely Golden Comet layers to their new home atop the hill behind our house. And just this afternoon they had already laid two eggs; they handled the car ride home quite well I must say! (more…)


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I was recently let in on a little secret, and I now have a source for fresh, raw  whole milk! It’s only a short drive through the countryside from  my home to the dairy. We pulled up bottles in hand, turned the handle and fresh milk started flowing faster than I could blink and before I knew it I had a gallon and a half of milk! We put our money in the cabinet, and went merrily on our way back home, after waving good-bye to the Holsteins in the field.


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In my quest to learn more domestic skills I will do almost anything.  Including getting up early on my first day of vacation to milk goats. Luckily it wasn’t any earlier than I usually get up for work so my body wasn’t too angry with me. I’m sure my sacrifice is nothing compared to what my grandparents, father, and aunts endured for several decades to milk their herd of cattle twice a day. As much as I might romanticize farm life, I do not envy the life of a dairy family. Even my parents wedding had to be scheduled around milkings!

Now, Don’t be fooled by these goats. Don’t worry they haven’t lost their ears or anything. They’re just shy and prefer to keep their ears tucked in! Actaully, the shrunken gopher ear is a characteristic of the LaMancha goat which is prized for its gentle milking temperament, and high butterfat milk. (more…)

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Cherry Blossoms and Cows

I kind of live a dream life…well the dream life of an aspiring domestic at least.

When we’re surrounded by something and see it everyday we tend to take it for granted. So sometimes I have to remind myself how lucky I have been to live in a beautiful mountain community for the past year, and in love with a man that works on a grass fed, pasture raised meat farm (we met working in a community garden, too).

I guess that means I date a cowboy! Honestly! I mean how often do you hear that. Now granted he doesn’t ride horses(very often) or go on long cattle drives…we live in the mountains not the great plains…but he does heard cattle, pigs, sheep, and chickens, and he looks really cool in his cowboy hat so I think that qualifies.

I’ve been exposed to so many life events just within the last year that most people nowadays never witness in their lifetime. In my opinion, events that are necessary for us as humans to really understand what life is about in all its many forms – the good, the bad, and the ugly and the pretty! If you go back just a few generations you’ll hear stories of  chicken killing days,  Sunday lunch at Grandmother’s house where she always made her famous pound cake, and sweating through canning days at the end of summer so there’d be vegetables and fruit through the winter. (more…)

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